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3 ways to transfer files from Android to MacBook

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For small files such as photos or videos, users can use online services. However, when needing to transfer large files, the following three applications will be the optimal solution.

1. 3 ways to transfer files from Android to MacBook?

Step 1: Android File Transfer: Free app from Google

>> Download Android File Transfer HERE

Android File Transfer also ensures the transfer of large files such as videos, high-resolution images or compressed files without requiring the installation of additional auxiliary applications on the Mac.

Step 2: OpenMTP: Open source application?

>> Download OpenMTP HERE

This is open source software at no cost. OpenMTP supports connection between Android phones and Macs via MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), helping to exchange data conveniently.

A special feature of OpenMTP is its ability to operate stably without requiring the installation of additional drivers on Mac. Just connect via USB-C cable, the application will automatically identify and link with the Android device

Step 3: MacDroid: Paid software with many outstanding features

>> Download MacDroid HERE

In contrast to Android File Transfer and OpenMTP, MacDroid requires usage fees. Although the price is 19.99 USD/year (equivalent to about 500,000 VND/year), users will see many outstanding benefits as follows:

  • Allows use on no more than 5 Mac devices.
  • When registering together with family members or colleagues, each person only needs to pay about 100,000 VND/year.
  • Files from Android devices are displayed instantly in the Finder app, similar to Windows, making data transfer more convenient.
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