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Hidden features on Windows 11?

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Each new version of Windows 11 brings significant improvements, adding new features to enhance the user experience. The recent Windows 11 23H2 update includes the AI Copilot chatbot, updates to the Paint application with advanced editing capabilities and AI support, as well as the ability to extract RAR files directly within File Explorer.

* Discover 3 interesting hidden features on Windows 11?

1. Voice Typing: Convert voice to text

Voice Typing is a useful tool that allows users to input text without having to type. To use it, you need to be in a text input field on Windows 10/11 and press Windows + H twice to start speaking. This feature supports Vietnamese, significantly boosting your productivity.

2. Title bar windows shake: Shake the mouse to minimize the window

To focus on a single window while multiple windows are open, hold and shake the mouse on the title bar of the desired window. This feature, known as Aero Shake since Windows 7, minimizes all unwanted windows to the Taskbar by shaking the mouse. One shake will minimize them, and shaking again will restore them to their original state.

In Windows 11, this feature is not enabled.. then you will do the following to activate it.
Step 1: Settings > System > Multitasking
Step 2: Activate in the “Title bar window shake” section.
3.Clipboard History: Save many contents in the clipboard

Step 1: To activate, press Windows + V, select Turn on

Step 2: Copy the content as usual.

Step 3: To paste content, simply press Windows + V. Look through the copied items in the clipboard and select one to paste.

– You can use the Pin button to keep content in the clipboard; it will not be lost when you shutdown or restart.

– If you want to remove an item from the clipboard, click the three-dot icon and select Delete to delete it.

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