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How to Automatically change Wallpaper in real time on Windows 11?

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Windows 11 provides a variety of customization options for your computer, such as setting slideshow wallpapers or using Spotlight images as backgrounds. However, if you desire the Dynamic Desktop feature that changes the wallpaper in real time similar to macOS, you can install a third-party application called WinDynamicDesktop.

1. What does Dynamic Desktop do?

The WinDynamicDesktop app functions by determining your location and automatically calculating the times of sunrise and sunset. It then changes your wallpaper to match the time of day. This allows you to enjoy 16 distinct background images from macOS Mojave.

2. How to automatically change wallpaper in real time on Windows 11?

Step 1: First, click on the search bar in the taskbar and enter Microsoft Store. Next, open the application.

Step 2: Go to Microsoft Store and search for WinDynamicDesktop, then click the “Get” button to Install.

Step 3: Wait until WinDynamicDesktop installs on your system. Once installed, open the application from the Start Menu.

Step 4: WinDynamicDesktop has a number of dynamic themes available that you can apply to your Windows 11.

Step 5: Choose the theme you like > Click ‘Apply’ to apply and you’re done.

3. How to upload wallpaper to WinDynamicDesktop?

WinDynamicDesktop also allows you to import custom dynamic themes via a .heic file. You can find many wallpapers and their .heic files on sites like WDD Themes and Dynamic Wallpaper Club.

The method is very simple, you just need to open WinDynamicDesktop and click the “Import from file” button to upload the theme you want.

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