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How to turn on the virtual keyboard on Windows 11 when the physical keyboard is broken

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1. What is virtual keyboard?

When the keyboard has problems, all or some keys are broken, you can use the virtual keyboard to replace it. Virtual keyboard also known as On-Screen Keyboard (OSK) is a feature integrated from the Windows XP operating system,

2. How to enable virtual keyboard on Windows 11?

Step 1: Right click on the taskbar and select ‘Taskbar Settings’

Step 2: Personalization > Select ‘Taskbar’

Step 3: At Touch Keyboard > Click ‘Always’

Step 4: Immediately, you will see a small keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar.

If you double-click that icon, a virtual keyboard will appear at the bottom of your screen, just above the taskbar.

Ok so it’s done – wish you success

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