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Review Camscanner

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1. What is Camscanner?

C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r capture text, and importantly, extremely fast processing speed. A few years ago, I wrote about th documents with your phone, turn it into images, text, pdf, doc, xls… it’s up to you. But its most powerful feature is as shown below, turning a distorted photo into a neat image andat feature, and someone said: Hey, Microsoft Lens (Office Lens) also has this. That’s right, but C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r did it first, and at the time it was already doing it very well, Microsoft Lens hadn’t even been born yet, what to say if it had this feature or not?

2. R͟e͟v͟i͟e͟w͟ Ca͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r

I first used it around 2007/2008, I don’t remember clearly. The way it did it really impressed me, take a photo, align it neatly, adjust the colors later to print out the best possible. It’s exactly like the scan that you scan from a professional scanner/photo machine, put the scan on the glass, close the lid and then scan. But if you place it on the glass without being neat or leaving the light exposed, the photocopy will still be distorted and black or smudged. All of those errors, Camscanner handles very quickly and optimally. Furthermore, it was made on a phone from 2007, both the image processing technology and the phone camera quality are not as good as they are today. At that time, it also included 400MB cloud (very large at that time, for storage and synchronization between devices).

I rushed home, took all the real estate documents, diplomas, transcripts, passports, ID cards, birth certificates… all the family documents, took a photo of them into C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r and uploaded them to the Cloud. I keep the original in a safe at home. From then on, if anyone asked for any documents, I said wait a minute, he emailed me, oh, do you need a photocopy, wait a minute, still the same scanned copy, I sent it to the printer, then brought it to the person (note that it was a copy). Photos printed with C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r have a quality far superior to regular photocopying). You don’t have to carry original documents and it’s quick.

Going further, I take a quick copy of any working papers, vouchers, invoices, receipts, contracts… and then throw them into C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r (because it has a quick alignment feature, so taking pictures is extremely fast). , no need for much alignment). Later, including the incident a few years ago, a customer asked for documents, I told my boss to let me go home and look for them, a few hours later when I brought them back, my boss looked at me with respect. Actually, I searched on C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r, it came up in a few minutes (search by name or date), but at that time I didn’t want to reveal my post, so I went home to look for it.

In short, C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r was once his mobile office, storing copies of documents, leaving the originals safely in the safe.
At this time, there may be a lot of software that can do it like C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r, but in 2007/2008, there was NO software that could do it, not even close to it.
The version I’m using now is the permanent version, but now C͟a͟m͟s͟c͟a͟n͟n͟e͟r they don’t give it permanently anymore but by monthly subscription.

Back to the main thing, in the last game, the group gave you guys the E͟D͟U version, the features are easy to use, much superior to the version I used in the beginning (although now I also use only the shooting feature). image and save it to the cloud). Even if you buy a higher version than the E͟D͟U version, you won’t be able to use all the features. Just a waste of money.
Currently, the group still has about 500 E͟D͟U accounts. They will give them out to everyone next week. If the game is not finished, they will continue to give it out until it runs out. There’s no point keeping it in the house.

Pro Tips: You should share on your own wall, set it to only me mode, so every time you reinstall your device you can find it easily, without having to dig through a bunch of posts on the group.

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