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Review Snagit: Screen Capture Software

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1. What is Snagit?

Snagit is a popular screen capture and video recording software produced by TechSmith Corporation. It allows users to take screenshots or record videos from their computer screen to create tutorials, manuals, or share information easily. Snagit offers many customization features and editing tools so you can add captions, images, arrows, and text to your images or videos to make them easier to understand.

It is commonly used in teaching, technical support, product development, and many other contexts where it is necessary to present information from a computer screen effectively.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of Snagit


  • Record and capture screen at the same time 2 in 1.
  • Includes all the most necessary features for someone like me who often creates visual instructions such as: creating instructions in steps 1,2,3… blur to hide sensitive information, OCR to capture text above images, directly edit text on images… In short, it is definitely number 1. The image below is a guide created by Snagit, extremely fast
  • The important thing is ease of use (this guy is unbeatable, no matter how stupid you are, you’ll only have to play with it for 30 minutes before it runs out of features).
  • Real 64bit (at this point I will skip 32bit)


  • It’s hard to find keyngon, but if there is keyngon, it’s been posted for a long time.
  • A bit bulky, so a bit heavy for weak machines.

3. Installation Instructions Snagit

Download: You can download the latest version of Snagit 2023 on the Snagit homepage or here (the latest version on the homepage is 2024 so the group key cannot be used)

Installation instructions: You install normally, after installation, enter the key AVADM-AHBMH-HDAM2-TP6WM-F2R69 and select Unlocked

Note: The latest version on the homepage is version 2024, my key is the key for version 2023

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