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Review WintoHDD PRO

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  • Install Windows without USB/CD
  • Install Windows directly to a portable hard drive/external USB and boot from there.
  • Install Windows Bootcamp for Mac Intel. Extremely fast and easiest installation among current installation methods.

1. What is WinToHDD PRO

WinToHDD PRO is a software that allows you to reinstall or install a new Windows operating system on your computer without using a boot disk or USB. It is developed by EasyUEFI and is a premium version of WinToHDD, which has more powerful features than the free version.

WinToHDD PRO allows you to do the following:

Reinstall Windows: You can use WinToHDD PRO to reinstall the Windows operating system on your computer without using an installation disc or USB boot. This is useful when you want to refresh your system or repair Windows-related problems.

Fresh installation of Windows: In addition to reinstallation, you can also use WinToHDD PRO to install Windows from scratch on a new computer or a computer where you want to reinstall the operating system.

System Backup and Recovery: WinToHDD PRO provides a system backup and recovery feature, helping you create a backup of your current system and restore it after reinstallation or a new Windows installation.

Supports multiple versions of Windows: This software supports multiple versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows Server.

2. Download and Install WintoHDD PRO?


You can download the installation version here.
In case the key has expired, you can use the Portable version below. The Portable version comes with the keyngon of the highest version – the Technician version

  • Link to download Dropbox here (password bimat).
  • Link to download OneDrive here (password bimat).
  • Link to download Google Drive here (password bimat).
Installation Instructions

After installation, go to the About section to activate this software, please enter this key:
After successful activation, close the software and turn it back on to confirm that the software has been successfully activated.
Note: this is a good one-time use key, if you reinstall Windows you may lose your copyright. Therefore, if you want to retain the copyright, you can back up the copyright using the export key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Hasleo\WinToHDD”

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